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Dear Dad - Reviewed!

Review By Ryan Renger

Enemy Of Fate has arrived. The Sacramento-based Rock band, fronted by powerful lead singer Tiffany Fabiani, just released their debut single, Dear Dad. Produced by revered songwriter and musician Nick Miller, the song is a vicious display of raw emotion and perseverance that establishes Enemy Of Fate in the Sacramento music scene as the newest heavy hitter. Centered around the heartbreaking story of an absent father, Dear Dad is a vivid display of Fabiani’s lyric writing, which showcases a mix of everything great about hard rock, grunge, and some pop elements. The track starts with an emotion-provoking vocal from Fabiani, accompanied by a soft and melodic background. The song begins to pick up speed in the bridge, with the lyrics becoming more thought-provoking. The climax of the first part of the song hits as the chorus rings through, with a striking message of Fabiani’s realizations about her life. This is one of the most anthemic choruses I have heard in modern rock music. The structure of the song brings listeners on an emotional roller coaster, with the song transitioning from the dynamic chorus into a harder second verse that is backed by an authoritative set of drum fills that push the boundaries of emotion and bring it to a resolution that gets explored as the song moves on. The third verse has a moment that resonates very well; her lyric “Kids of my own, you’ll never know” shows the resilience of Fabiani to not let her own father’s actions take a toll on her parenting, with her family and kids being a very important part of her life. The final chorus leaves listeners thinking about their own relationships with their parents and brings the point of this song to its finale, but this is far from the finale for Enemy Of Fate. Dear Dad sets the stage for the rest of Fabiani and EOF’s career. New songs are coming soon, as well as an EP titled Settle The Score, coming in the Spring of 2024. Give Dear Dad a listen at the link below, and enjoy the journey you will be taken on.


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