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LosT By Bring Me The Horizon - Reviewed!

Bring Me The Horizon just dropped their latest single, Lost, a perfect blend of punk, emo, and electronic music that sets it apart from their previous tracks. The song opens with a haunting guitar riff that sets the stage for a dramatic vocal performance by lead singer Oli Sykes. As the chorus hits, the energy picks up with explosive drums and catchy lyrics that will stick in your head. A breakdown of epic proportions couples with a sweet interlude to keep listeners engaged through the middle and end of the track. The song departs from the metalcore ballad-like feel of their previous singles, DiE4u and sTraNgeRs, and offers a more upbeat and fun experience. The song's theme is in line with the band's upcoming album, with a more emo-y feel that showcases the group's musical evolution. It's a welcome change that will appeal to old and new fans alike. The catchy and upbeat nature of the song was intentional, as the band aims to create something that even people who are not familiar with their music can enjoy and relate to. Lost is a testament to the band's growth and willingness to experiment with different genres while staying true to their roots. It's an exciting glimpse of what's to come from the album, which promises to be a wild and unforgettable ride. Bring Me The Horizon continues to impress with its innovative approach to music, always pushing the boundaries and never afraid to challenge the norm. They are set to embark on a North American tour with Fall Out Boy at the end of the month, and those shows will be epic. Take a listen to Lost and go check BMTH out in a city near you.



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