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Everyday She Comes Back - A Review

Review By Ryan Renger

Good vibes and youthful exuberance are the basis of what makes Sebastian Ortiz the artist that he is. The New Jersey-based singer-songwriter is relatively new to the scene, but don’t mistake a lack of experience for a lack of talent. Ortiz melds together his Colombian roots with some American folk to create a wonderful experience every time one of his songs is played. Speaking of Ortiz’s songs, he just released a new one! Everyday She Comes Back is a two-minute display of relaxation that transcends genres and is, overall, a great song. Starting off strong with some Lofi and acoustic guitars, Ortiz’s chill baritone voice comes in with a rich timbre for the opening verse. The song speeds up for the second half of the first verse before dropping down for a relaxed bridge that transitions into a really well-written and melodious chorus. With a nice little piano interlude, the song repeats the same cycle for the second half, which,

although sounds great, does feel a tad repetitive. It does also end a bit abruptly, which was sad because it sounded like it was just about to pick up again and could have really benefitted from a third part. Nonetheless, it was an interesting listen with many intriguing parts, and many people will enjoy the song and Ortiz’s other music! With six singles under his belt and a possible EP coming this year, Ortiz is an artist to watch for. It is no doubt that there is a breakthrough on the horizon. Check Everyday She Comes Back out at the link below and give it a listen!



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