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None So Vile - 714 - Reviewed

Review by Ryan Renger

Orange County-based Metal-fusion band, None So Vile just dropped their newest single, 714, and it slaps. The song is a unique take on the genre, combining many different Metal, Hard Rock, and Hip-Hop elements together to create a great song. Guitarists Rodrigo Meza and Alex Garcia hit your ears immediately with a series of chugs and harmonics backed by a fantastic halftime beat from Josh Ruiz. This would normally lead to a first verse full of vicious guttural screams, but what listeners are treated to instead is a groovy Hip-Hop style vocal that shouldn’t work with Metal, and somehow vocalist Alexander Sepulveda makes it work masterfully. The transition into the chorus is seamless, with the drums making you just want to bob your head, while Sepulveda opens his range up and delivers a wonderful melody that will be easy for fans to sing along with. The song continues into a really cool Lo-Fi section which provides a nice contrast to the fast movement of the first chorus and sets up the second one well. Unfortunately, the song ends after that second chorus, with the vocals dropping out and the instrumental slowly fading down. Overall the song is very well written, with the different elements adding their own spice. At 2:30, the song is relatively short, making fans want more from the band in the future!

You can check out the music video for 714 here:

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