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Bryson Tiller - Live In Anaheim!

Photos and Review by Christina Hernandez

Having last toured in 2017, iconic R&B artist Bryson Tiller decided to include Anaheim, CA, on his Back and I’m Better tour, as the first stop to start off the much-needed tour. Tiller caused much uproar with his fans since he was not expected to have announced any tour, and they were absolutely elated by this announcement. To start the show off, Tiller had DJ Nitrane present to bring up the energy in the crowd prior to his set. Nitrane played some bops by popular artists like Keyshia Cole, City Girls, and even Lil Uzi Vert. This got the crowd ready for the main event. You could really feel the energy by how much the floor was vibrating and the fact that you couldn't hear anything except people singing along to all the songs. Clearly, DJ Nitrane knew his crowd. After Nitrane had brought out the energy built up inside the fans, he left the stage, and everyone was eager for Tiller to finally come out. Bringing back his most popular songs, he started the show off with hits like Sorry Not Sorry, Exchange, and one of his most popular songs, Don’t. The entire show that night had been a night to remember for most, especially with the loud, excited atmosphere around them, along with the loyal fans that had just been waiting for this moment for a long time. Personally, I had been waiting for the moment of hearing Don’t live for the first time ever. The energy was unreal; the sold-out show had absolutely filled the room with people and their friend groups having the best night that month, maybe this year! This show was definitely a can’t miss, and if you want to see him before the tour is over, he’ll be having another LA show in June if you’re a Southern California local.

Check out more photos below!



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