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Enemy of Fate: Devil's Prey - A Powerful Anthem for Survivors

By Ryan Renger

Sacramento's newest hard-hitting Rock band, Enemy of Fate, is back with their newest single, Devil's Prey. The song is a fighter's anthem for survivors of domestic violence, with the band's lead singer, Tiffany Fabiani, penning a series of uplifting choruses and thought-provoking verses. The song starts with a very Evanescence-esque piano and vocal opening, with Fabiani showing raw emotion in her voice that elicits listeners to want more, and more they will get. About halfway through the first verse, the guitars and drums come in, and you can't help but bob your head and tap your toes while also digesting the heavy lyrical content throughout the entire track. A great build-up leads into one of the most catchy choruses in modern metal, with Fabiani's voice soaring to new heights, and creating feelings of perseverance in the listener's mind. Fabiani's lyrics are aided by the impressive musicality of her producer, Nick Miller, the guitarist for A Skylit Drive. Miller has pushed boundaries with Fabiani on this track, bringing her further, and making her sound more vulnerable and raw on this track versus Enemy of Fate's debut, Dear Dad. Devil's Prey really showcases the changes the Sacramento music scene needed. While breaking away from some modern music points, EOF retains similar sounds to bands like Bad Omens and Spiritbox. This is a great song from an up-and-coming band poised for a huge 2024, with an EP and possible tour coming soon! Check the music video out for Devil's Prey below, and go give Enemy of Fate a follow on all of their socials!



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