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Bebe Rexha - Live In Los Angeles!

Photos and Review By Christina Hernandez

Ending the month of June with a sold-out show on her Best F*n Night Of My Life tour, pop star Bebe Rexha made an appearance with Zolita, at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. I had the joy of seeing Bebe perform for the first time in six years. It was an amazing experience to hear her amazing voice, as well as Zolita!

Zolita, also known as Zoë, is a decently new artist who started heading toward amazing success in 2020, thanks to her music video of her song Explosion. She is a singer/songwriter, originally from New York, and headed towards bigger opportunities for sure! The crowd went wild as she started her set off with songs like I Fucking Love You, 20 Questions, and other amazing hits that have clearly hit a sweet spot with the roaring fans. As some would say, the vibe was just right, and everyone was having a good time. She also added to the excitement with her outfit choice of wearing an iconic sparkly romper-type apparel that showed her uniqueness.

Bebe Rexha’s set was extremely anticipated for the fans who had been waiting all these years to see one of their favorite artists perform in front of their very eyes. This was possibly one of the best concerts I have been able to attend. The crowd was excited yet poised and loud but considerate of others and their views. Her fans clearly have love for one another, and I believe it’s to Bebe’s credit for being a good role model to have forgiven a recent incident that happened when a fan threw an object during her performance. Although one would be extremely upset, she approached it professionally and was extremely understanding. Now when the show was starting, Bebe’s outfit choice had everyone in awe as she sparkled throughout her entire show. Sporting a sparkly top and satin-like pants with what looked like gemstones. I can see where her fans get their inspiration from. She killed this show with her vocals and her amazing sense of style. Starting off her show with an amazing intro on the screen onstage, Bebe came out and put on such a great show, with her recently released song I’m Not High, I’m In Love, and a throwback song Me, Myself & I, which is one of my most favorite songs of my adolescence. There were a variety of song choices for the newer fans, as well as the long-time fans that have been there since she first started. She even included her older songs near the end of the show to get the energy up and the joy fulfilled with anyone who was there. It was an incredible performance, which she ended with I’m Good (Blue), which ended the night as the "best fucking night of my life." Bebe Rexha put on quite a show, and I definitely will not forget it; I doubt anyone would, especially with her empowering words and positivity that she spread by bringing two fans on stage to dance with her!

See more photos from the show below!



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