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Atmosphere - Live In London!

Photos and Review By Lorraine Mills

Atmosphere put on a fantastic show in London a little while back! From the time people walked into the venue with beer cups in hand through lining up to purchase copious amounts of merch and the opening DJ's set, the energy was on high alert. Although it wasn't a sold-out show, the venue felt just full enough for a party to occur as Atmosphere took the stage! The opening song for the night was Okay. The song recieved great reception, and the crowd really started to get into the show. Around the third and fourth songs, The Loser Wins and Shoulda Known respectively, was when the crowd truly started to gain the momentum that would carry the fantastic show through the end of the night. It was a very interactive crowd for the night, as people were dancing and hands were flying high in the air. Atmosphere proceeded to play a total of 26 songs, and each and every one was recieved better than the last. Hits like Happymess, lovelife, and Scapegoat rushed through the audiences ears, before the night ended on Trying to Find a Balance. This was one amazing show. Atmosphere has numerous shows lined up for the rest of the year, so if you get a chance, go out and have some fun!

See more photos from the night here!

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