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Wiz Khalifa - Live In Minneapolis!

Photos and Review by Brian Underhill

On April 16th, a snowstorm came through Minnesota, threatening to bring chaos the following day to all those making the trek to The Armory. Luckily, the day brought the sun to melt the snow, and the clouds opened to a lovely day that welcomed a Wiz Khalifa tour stop presented by Smokers Club tagged "Good Trip" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Armory is an awesome but elegant music venue. With a lot of history from the Minnesota Lakers, Beetles, and other acts, it is a great place for a concert. This show left me happy for the new adventure and was overall a really good show! Shiest Bubz was the host of the night. In between sets, he was sure to keep the fans moving, vibing, and going all night. He also was the MC announcing the entertainers, so we all were keenly aware of who was up next. Sheist also presented goodies in the form of concert tees and towels, among other swag, to the engaged crowd. Chevy Woods opened the show looking comfortable on stage in a stylish outfit consisting of a green sweater, shorts, and rocking some Vans. Woods' music career

began in the mid-2000s when he was discovered by Wiz Khalifa and signed to his label, Taylor Gang. Woods cranked out bangers like 30 Deep, The Cookout, and the Gangland Series. It was a true energy exchange between Woods and the crowd as they sang along. It was a great opener and set the rest of the night up for success! Next came Smoke DZA with a high-energy set belting out lyric after lyric of fan favorites like Gotham City, Personal Party, and Ashtray. Briefly hitting pause on the music as an issue was quickly resolved, but, like the professional he is, he didn't miss a beat. Like the previous set, fans joined in word for word and gave full energy with a fantastic set. Berner was third in the night's lineup and synced with the crowd, feeling the love and soaking in the venue's atmosphere. It is not a secret that artists play off the crowd and make on-the-spot decisions using instinct to adapt and give themselves fully to the audience. Berner also signed with Taylor Gang and collaborated with Khalifa making this feel like a family affair on this tour. The crowd stayed upright for hits like 20 Lights and Best Thing Smokin', and kept on their feet as the next act, Joey Bada$$, was coming right up. By now, the crowd was all fired up and eagerly anticipating his set. Right off the bat, he knew what he had to do with the performance. As a co-headliner, Joey was able to seamlessly and effortlessly take the crowd to the next level with songs like Land of the

Free, Devastated, and Christ Conscious. With the party now in full swing and showing no signs of slowing down, the crowd was all suited up for the main event. Wiz Khalifa came on stage looking refreshed, and ready for a full set of madness! Wiz is an expert at connecting with his audience and immediately started bringing fun and excitement to the lovely people who were still ready to go full speed ahead. Although it wasn't quite 4/20 yet, it seems Khalifa wanted to get the party started a couple of days early in Minnesota. With chart-topping songs like Black and Yellow, See You Again, and fan favorite We Dem Boyz, he kept the crowd going until their tanks finally emptied about an hour later when the set ended. Wiz gave no less than 110%, as did the other performers, to leave us all feeling amazing! They gave all they could to us for one really great show here in Minneapolis.

Khalifa has a full year of globe-trotting dates ahead of him. Starting on the 7th of July, Wiz and Snoop Dogg will travel the US on the High School Reunion Tour. So if you do not get to see him on this run, be sure to check him out the next time he comes near you!

Check out more photos from the show here!



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