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Tommy Newport - Live in Orange County!

Review and Photos by Christina Hernandez

Indie music artist, Tommy Newport, made his first stop on the West Coast in Orange County for his Glasshead Tour. Bringing the good vibes and amazing music, he put on quite a show. This tour has given Tommy the ability to show his growth over the past few years after releasing his new album Glasshead earlier this year.

Starting off the night at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Newport had Sherwyn, an alternative indie artist, as his opener for this show. Sherwyn started off the show with his song Good Morning. Then continued with an upbeat song, FAKE FRENZ, to increase the energy for those that were there waiting for Tommy’s performance. Sherwyn ended his set with his 2020 single, Starfucker.

Following the outstanding opening performance, everyone started to grow eager for Newport’s long-awaited performance. Tommy promptly went on stage right after Sherwyn’s opening act, bringing out the excitement. The anticipation that was present the whole night, and the impatience for his songs to be heard live by the crowd boiled over! Newport started off the show with one of his new songs on Glasshead, Fate. This new album was indeed the reason for his recent tour, which, along with the new West Coast dates that were added,

increased the buzz on his incredible talent and showcase of talent. This allowed the fans to be excited about the rest of his performance since his new album was only released recently. Continuing on with his exhilarating setlist, he also played some oldies but goodies like Violet Days and Gold. Some interaction from the crowd appeared after he mentioned how long it has been since he has played in Orange County, so a fan yelled, “Yeah, we missed you!” Seeing this enthusiasm and excitement from the crowd for Tommy performing in Santa made it a great experience for all. Tommy ended his set list with Mr. Angel from Just to be Ironic album. Newport clearly left his exquisite performance engraved into every attendant’s mind, nothing here was left to the imagination since he gave it his all.

I caught up with two fans after the show and asked them a couple of questions. The fans were Bella K. and Summer R, who are current students at the University of California Riverside and have presently been some of Tommy’s top fans for the past five years. They had a whole timeline planned to see Tommy at two of his Southern California dates for his tour and made it known to him after the concert. I asked them three questions and they answered excitedly.

What made you so inclined to listen to Tommy so consistently for the past five years?

Bella said, “Tommy has his own sound that I just find addicting. It’s been exciting to see him grow and develop his sound over the past few years.” Summer added to Bella’s response, “Tommy has such a unique and distinctive sound. I haven’t heard of another artist like him. His artistry is incredible.”

What is your favorite song?

Summer’s top song is “Martians. Instant bop. I can be in the worst mood and that song can pull me out of it.” Bella explained her constant repeat with, “I would have to say that I’ve had Fate on repeat lately. It provides me with such an incredible feeling of nostalgia yet excitement. Truly a remarkable song.”

Before asking them the final question, we all took the opportunity to have them take a photo with Tommy since he hung out in the crowd after the show. They chatted and Tommy surprisingly remembered them from previous shows, which was a great feeling for the girls since they have supported his career for the past few years. After this awesome photo op, I asked the girls my final question.

How excited were you that he had remembered you from the past shows you have been to?

They both seemed extremely eager to respond to this. Summer said, “Extremely excited! The last time he performed near us was in 2019. The fact that he remembered us from that small show four years ago was unbelievable.” Bella added to this, “Yes! So excited. I’m still stunned that he remembered his fan from a show four years ago. I really appreciate how much attention he gives to his fans. He constantly delivers with great performances and contagious energy, and I can’t wait to see him again tomorrow!” Clearly, Tommy’s musical impact is tremendous, not only on the girls, Bella and Summer, but on all his fans.

Check out more photos from the show here!



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