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Ten Essentials To Survive A Music Festival

There is nothing better than a weekend of music. Huge multi-day-spanning music festivals have been prominent since the days of Woodstock. With Spring and Summer right around the corner and festival season ramping up, Clean Capture Magazine wants to share the ten most important items to survive a festival and be in comfort while enjoying great music.

1. Appropriate Clothes

Whether it's sunny and blazing or gloomy and muddy, your choice of clothes for a festival day will make or break your festival experience. Always be sure to check the weather multiple times before you leave for the festival. If there is even a small chance of rain, bring a sweatshirt and poncho in your suitcase. Also, wear comfortable and closed-toe shoes. Most festivals occur in hilly environments, and when you're walking miles per day, the last thing you want is to have aching feet.

2. Water

Most festivals will allow reusable water bottles in and provide water refill stations across the grounds. Make use of these! Dehydration and fainting because of a lack of water are a surefire way to guarantee a horrible festival experience. If the festival does not allow reusable water bottles, be sure to budget enough money for water. It is far more valuable and cheaper to drink water than alcohol.

3. Earplugs

Don't risk your ability to hear by going to a concert and not wearing ear protection. We recommend using Loop Earplugs as they are comfortable and do not muddy the music. Whatever brand you choose to wear, you should wear them. It will make sure your ears are not ringing for days after the festival.

4. Portable Charger

Maintaining a fully charged phone is essential for communication between you and your group, as well as great for viewing festival timeslots and important announcements from the festival. So if you want to be able to take those front-row pictures that you'll remember forever, remember to bring a portable charger.

5. Clear Drawstring/Backpack

A great resource for any time you're gonna be gone all day is a backpack, none so more important than when you're at a festival. Whether you're carrying your water, sunscreen, or other important items, a backpack is a lifesaver. More and more festivals and concert venues are moving towards clear bags as a safety precaution. So if you're gonna bring a bad, check your festival's guidelines and most likely go grab a clear bag.

6. Sunscreen

For many of these summer festivals taking place in the middle of nowhere, the sun will be beating down on you all day. It is important not only for the comfort of not walking around with a sunburn but also for the protection of your skin to wear sufficient sunscreen. Be careful of what type you bring, though, as most festivals do not allow aerosolized sunscreen.

7. Hand Sanitizer

These festivals can surely leave you feeling dirty and grimy. When there isn't easy access to hand washing stations, hand sanitizer will become your best friend and prevent you from leaving the festival with more germs than you came with.

8. Change of Socks

Bringing an extra pair of socks is so valuable regardless of the weather. If it's raining and your socks somehow get soaked, which is one of the worst feelings to walk around on, you're able to easily take your shoes off, dry them out, and change socks, becoming instantly more comfortable. This also works if it's hot outside and sweat is being absorbed by your socks.

9. Sunglasses

Similar to the idea of bringing sunscreen, sunglasses will protect your eyes and make it easier to see your favorite bands on stage.

10. A Great Attitude

Be sure to enjoy the most out of these festivals. The feeling of community in music that happens while banging your head to your favorite artists is something that doesn't happen other than at festivals and concerts. Grab a group of friends and have some fun this festival season!



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