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Nobody By Avenged Sevenfold - Reviewed

Tick, tick, tick… goes the clock as the seconds count down to the first piece of new Avenged Sevenfold material in five years. A massive diving note by Zacky Vengeance on the guitar hits first, with a fast-paced hip-hop-inspired hi-hat and a simple yet effective drum beat by Brooks Wackerman to follow. A vocally recovered and raspy M. Shadows tears through the first verse with ease, settling into the role that A7X fans have come to love for years. Around a minute into the song, Johnny Christ's bass becomes more pronounced, leading into a ripping, arpeggiated run by Synyster Gates. Listeners are treated to a double dose of Shadows through a hybrid chorus/verse, with a lower pitched and quicker Shadows in your left ear, while a slowed down, and more melodic Shadows plays in your right ear.

Just when the song sounds like it's building to an arena-filling anthem, everything drops out, with the exception of Shadows and a synth. This drop sets the song up to repeat the original beat with the addition of an orchestra as a trumpet drones over. The orchestra steps in to take the main role for the next piece, setting up an enormous Gates guitar solo that takes up almost a minute, and it could have gone longer with how magnificent it was. Nobody, unfortunately, fades down signaling the end, leaving listeners wanting more. The song hit on every note of what an A7X song should be, continuing on with the experimentation of The Stage while also bringing back past elements that made them popular. The highlights of the song were hearing M. Shadows' voice again and knowing that he hasn't lost anything following the injury to his vocal cords, as well as a solo that can be regarded as one of the best in recent discography. For those wanting more they won't have to wait long as Avenged Sevenfold announced that their new album, Life Is But a Dream… releases June 2nd. Hopefully, the album will keep this vibe and allow A7X to continue being the genre-definers that they are. Along with the new album came a slew of show and festival announcements, which will surely be followed soon by a world tour announcement. You can check Avenged Sevenfold's new track, Nobody, out below, as well as pre-save Life Is But a Dream on all major music streamers now.

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