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MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. By Gideon - Reviewed

For a band that has been around for 15 years, it may be hard to keep innovating and trying new things, but it seems Gideon did not get that memo. Building off of the success of their 2019 album Out Of Control, Gideon are back with the impending release of MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. Continuing with the experimentation of Nu-Metal sounds, Gideon also stayed true to their origins with a ferocious heaviness present throughout the entire album. According to drummer Jake Smelley, "This album is for the misunderstood, the dreamers, the broken, the damned, the ones that refuse to fall in line." That quote perfectly explains the abrasiveness that MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. showcases from front to back. The album opens with Locked Out Of Heaven, which seemed to be a nod to their past expedition into Christian Metal that they have since left behind. The track stands out almost immediately, with Daniel McWhorter's screams hitting like a ton of bricks and Caleb DeRusha's funky bass making the song groove. The track also features a very drowned-out chorus that adds a little texture and departure from the heaviness. The next couple of tracks, Push it Back and Too Much is Never Enough, are heavily driven by Smelley's cymbals, which fill the beat and give an easy metronome to bang your head to.

The album's title track starts with a very experimental-sounding Lo-Fi drum accompanied by a droning riff by Tyler Riley. The track exudes intense forcefulness, punching listeners in the face with power and pain. The middle of the album is exactly what you expect from Gideon, with the exception of Take Off introducing some record scratches and a little more hip-hop influence. The album's back half takes a more metalcore route, with the riffs having more melody and less chug. I Will Carry You is a very emotional song for Smelley, who wrote the song in response to the loss of a close friend. It is much more uplifting than other Gideon material, with Riley's guitars sounding significantly different in the opening and bridges, with the song's overall vibe hitting a lot more in the feels, and being a standout track on the record. This album further cements Gideon's transcendence of both Metalcore and Nu-Metal, and is surely worth a listen. MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. drops on March 17th, and Gideon is already on the road supporting it. The MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. tour started in Tampa on February 9th and runs through March 18th, with the last show happening in their home state of Alabama in the city of Birmingham. Be sure to check the album out when it releases and connect with the band on their socials which are linked below.

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