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Melanie Martinez - Live In Sacramento!

Photos and Review By Ryan Renger

Deafening screams filled the room as Melanie Martinez made her way to the stage at the Hard Rock Casino in Sacramento, California, last night. However, the energy began building hours before Martinez entered the building. The hype started as early as the late morning for many die-hard fans that covered the sidewalks outside the venue. The thousands in attendance for the sold-out show rushed through the doors as they were opened promptly at 6:30, many donning amazingly constructed costumes with outstanding makeup. It was an incredible sight to see as fans rushed to find their places on the floor with lines wrapped around the concourse for the chance to buy the incredible display of merch. After the opening performance, Martinez's curtain dropped at 8:30, with every phone in the audience turned to camera mode to capture the spectacular opening performance of Death. The opening track from the critically acclaimed Portals album rang through the 2500-person venue, with every person engaged intently with the uniquely dressed singer. Speaking of the Portals album, the setlist for the night consisted entirely of all 16 songs from the record, which means that two more incredible songs, Void and Tunnel Vision, followed. Even after the numerous opening songs,

fans were still on high alert, with the screams in the building growing louder and louder, going so far as piercing through earplugs. But who needs to hear anyway when the show on stage is as incredible as it was with Martinez and her backup dancers putting on a clinic. The show continued with more great theatrics and incredible singing, with the numerous lighting displays illuminating the jumping crowd as they bopped along to more hits. The stage display got a real shakeup for Spider Web as a giant web adorned the backdrop for the spooky and interactive sixth song. By the tenth song, Martinez asked a question that elicited a screaming response from the majority female crowd, positing, "Who here is on their period?" before jumping into Moon Cycle. As the main portion of the show ended with huge confetti cannons blowing to close out Womb, fans rushed to grab and store the confetti as a memento of the show, but there were still three more incredible songs in Martinez's encore. The final three, Powder, Pluto, and Milk Of The Siren, put an emphatic exclamation point on one of the best shows that has rolled through the venue. Merch lines were still as long at the end of the show as they were to start, and it is no wonder, as there was a multitude of shirts, sweatshirts, and other miscellaneous items that will soon be hung upon the walls of Martinez's fan's rooms. No matter what genre of music is your favorite, Martinez puts on an incredible show that everyone will love. In addition to the rest of her US tour, Martinez just announced a string of Europe shows to kick off soon, so check her out in a city near you!

See more photos from the show here!


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