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The Winery Dogs - Live In Roseville!

Review and Photos By Ryan Renger

Roseville, California, got a dose of Prog-Rock legends The Winery Dogs this past weekend. The venue that hosted Metalcore mainstays Currents and Like Moths To Flames earlier in the week opened its doors for a sold-out affair on Saturday night. The night opened with a local band who played a solid seven-song set. They had a generic sound for a local band, but the crowd enjoyed it. The highlight of their set was the lead singer, who tried his hardest to connect with the audience, although it wasn't even close to full in the venue by the time they hit the stage. As the band came off the stage, the anticipation for The Winery Dogs grew exponentially. The ambiance of Goldfield Trading Post raised as the rest of the crowd started to file in. Drinks were flying, and both upper decks of the venue, as well as the floor, were packed as Richie Kotzen, Mike Portnoy, and Billy Sheehan took the stage. Screams of excitement ringed out from all ages as the band started their set with Gaslight. Kotzen's rich vocals were played in duplicate as the crowd sang along. The crowd also jammed along to the funky bass lines of Sheehan as he slapped away to Xanadu and Captain Love. Finally, the performance can't be discussed without mentioning the man of a thousand cymbals and bands, Mike Portnoy. His sticks touched every snare,

tom, and cymbal as he blasted away on his signature drumset song after song. The Dogs continued to rock the night as they played through a total of 17 songs, including multiple off of their new album III. The reception for these new songs was amazing, with Stars and The Red Wine being highlights of the new album. The set moved along seamlessly, with the crowd being engaged all the way until the ending encore of Regret and Elevate. Overall, the band put on an amazing show, and Goldfield was more than satisfied. This Roseville show was one of the last North American shows of the year for The Winery Dogs, as they have just left for Europe, where they will spend the rest of the year in numerous countries playing more sold-out shows. So if you are overseas, go check them out; you will not be disappointed!

Check out more photos from the night here!



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