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Machine Gun Kelly - Live at the Houston Rodeo

Review and Photos by Kylie Green

Following the final Mutton Busting event at the Houston Rodeo, Machine Gun Kelly's band took to the revolving star stage at NRG Stadium, donning cowboy hats and boots. Kelly captivated the audience with a diverse setlist, featuring pop-punk anthems from Tickets to My Downfall, tracks from his latest release Mainstream Sellout, and rap hits like El Diablo and Floor 13 from the Hotel Diablo album. The concert kicked off with the band members energetically rocking out, headbanging, and shredding their instruments. Kelly, and his bandmates, including bassist Baze and guitarists Sophie Lloyd and Jus, converged at the top point of the star-shaped stage, setting the tone for the night's performance. Drummer Rook sported a black cowboy hat, while Kelly alternated between a tiny cowboy hat and an iconic pink cowboy hat. As Kelly performed Drunk Face, he climbed the barrier separating the rodeo floor from the fans but encountered microphone issues. Despite the technical difficulties, Kelly delivered an

energetic performance that had the audience on their feet. Later, he slowed down, sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar to cover Tom Petty's Free Fallin. Introducing the song, Kelly reminisced about "the best four minutes and 16 seconds of my life, slow dancing with someone" before striking the first chords. Many in the audience found this cover to be one of his most authentic and vulnerable performances. The raw emotions, vocals, and the crowd's flashlights created a surreal, emotional atmosphere. The night continued with iconic hits like Forget Me Too and a cover of Misery Business, originally performed by Paramore. Although pop-punk seemed an unusual match for a country venue, Machine Gun Kelly delivered a fantastic performance that left a lasting impression.

You can more photos from the show below:

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