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Loop - Ear Protection for the Music Lover

Every concertgoer has had the feeling of regret in the morning when they wake up with ringing in their ears from how loud the night before was. Whether they choose not to wear protection because the standard ear plugs are uncomfortable or it muffles the noise so the music can no longer be understood, it is unhealthy to not wear ear protection at a concert. When the speakers at concerts reach 100-120 dbs, it is time to make an investment in your ears. That investment should be in Loop Earplugs. Clean Capture Magazine writers wore Loop to every concert we attended over the last three months, and the results were amazing. We tried their Quiet, Experience, and Experience Plus models and were impressed with all three. The sound quality was impeccable; dampening the unwanted noise and allowing in only the essential sounds sets Loop apart from their competitors. Along with great quality comes Loop’s great comfortability. Wearing Loop feels exactly like the traditional wireless earbud. Overall, Loop is perfect for every genre of music and has budget-friendly options for everyone. Before your next concert, make sure to pick up a pair of Loop Earplugs because Loop is the comfortable and safe option for your ears. You can find a link to the Loop website where you can purchase below.


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