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JXDN - Live in New Jersey!

Review and Photos by Elizabeth Bruce

I’ve had the pleasure of attending numerous JXDN shows, and each time, he has not disappointed! Though, this show was very different from the other times, as the crowd energy was through the roof. JXDN is a very enthusiastic performer and knows how to get the crowd fired up. He has a commanding stage prescence and makes sure everyone knows how amazing of a performer he truly is. There was not a single time during the entire show that the crowd was silent, not even when he played unreleased songs. During those unreleased songs, he tends to start chants and claps to get the crowd going, so even if they don't know the lyrics, they can still participate. The middle of the show is a great contrast to the beginning vibes, as he slows it down and does a few of his more emotional pieces, with one being dedicated to his best friend Cooper Noriega, who unfortunately passed away in June of 2022. During that song, the crowd helped him out and screamed the words as he tends to get very emotional and choked up about losing his best friend. After the emotional rollercoaster he took everyone on, it was time for more upbeat music. JXDN and the openers

for the show, Beauty School Dropout, recently released a song together called Freak, BSD would come back on stage to perform the song alongside him. The crowd went absolutely wild during this performance, with a majority of JXDN fans also being Beauty School Dropout fans. This cohesion of styles kept the energy for the show extremely high with this continous momentum. JXDN is not solely responsible for the massive amount of energy, as he has a great deal of help from his band which includes bassist Brent Burdett, who also plays bass for BSD, guitarist Kenji Chan, and drummer Tosh. All around this was an amazing show from start to finish. If you have ever had the inkling to see JXDN, you definitly should! His tour will run through the 21st of April, so don't miss your chance!

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You can connect with JXDN at the links below:



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