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Insightful Review: Marjorie Taylor Greene's Book MTG

By Ryan Renger

When it was announced that embattled Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was writing a book on her political ascension to the top of the MAGA Right, it was met with both fierce criticisms from Progressives and compliments from Conservatives. Taylor Greene is a well-known Republican politician hailing from Georgia who earned her place in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020. She is a vocal and active member of Congress and is infamous for her controversial statements and actions. Her support and promotion of conspiracy theories have drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans alike. Despite opposition, she continues to make her voice heard on the political stage. This book is no different, with her providing intense insight into her thought process and the actions she has taken to make her a global political figure. After reading select excerpts from her aptly titled MTG, I will keep personal politics out of this review to give a realistic perspective of the book.

Before opening the book, numerous preconceived notions come to mind when mentioning Taylor-Greene's name. However, the book, released by the Donald Trump Jr.-owned Winning Team Publishing, billed as the nation's premier Conservative publishing house, keeps the politics to a moderate degree. The University of Georgia Alum starts the book with a bang in her second chapter, January 6th, covering her involvement in one of the most infamous moments in recent political history. From the beginning, it is obvious that this book is written in Greene's own words, as her mannerisms and notion to jump topics at the drop of a hat are shown. In the chapter, she expresses her deep sadness in the treatment of those who entered the Capitol on January 6th and extreme displeasure with the executives of Washington D.C. She shared that her initial thoughts about the riot were that it was orchestrated by Left-wing groups like Antifa or BLM. She also expresses that she believes Federal Agents were involved in the planning and carrying out of the day. As with most of the book, this chapter is written in a stream-of-consciousness, which at some points makes it hard to understand; however, the insight that Greene provides is very interesting. Learning how she thinks when she isn't shouting at the top of her lungs in Congressional Meetings helps give context to the Georgia Representative. 

Later on, Greene discusses other important topics about her life and politics in general. Her twelfth chapter details the Ukrainian war and her sharp criticisms of President Biden and Zelensky's partnership against Putin. This chapter also provides some inside looks into Greene's Congressional experience, particularly as a member of the House Oversight Committee. Other parts of the book give these similar personal experiences about her life that set the stage for how she acts. Greene's commentaries on the current Republican party also show how she wishes the party would advance. This coincides with her stories about her interaction with other Republicans like Matt Gaetz, whom Greene has been compared to numerous times. 

Overall, the book is exactly what it sounds like. MTG is showing her general Republican causes in a way that is sometimes hard to understand but informative. The book has received numerous bad reviews from different sources, whether for the way it is written or the content. I probably wouldn't read the book again; however, for anyone interested in politics, whether on the Right or Left of the political aisle, I think it would be a good read to get into the mind of one of the most polarizing and famous politicians. 

If you are interested in purchasing the book, go to the link below.



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