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Ryan Binkley: Rising Republican Candidate in Ames, Iowa

By Ryan Renger

Grassroots Republican Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley made a stop in Ames, Iowa last night. The Texas Businessman appeared at the Iowa State Memorial Union in front of a group of Young Republicans, and other students and ISU staff. Binkley spoke at length about his vision for America, which is centered on creating opportunities for all Americans. He believes that the key to a successful America is a strong economy, and he plans to achieve this by creating a business-friendly environment that encourages growth and innovation. Binkley also believes in the importance of education and plans to invest in the education system to ensure that all Americans have access to quality education. Binkley is a rising star in the Republican Party, with a strong business background and a focus on conservative values. At the event, Binkley also hosted a Q&A, fielding questions about what makes him different from other Republicans, his views on immigration, and business bailouts. For the candidate that virtually no one knew of three months ago, he has quickly risen through the ranks, and was lauded by former President Trump for being the first Republican candidate to visit all 99 counties in Iowa. With almost a month to go until the Iowa Caucases, it will be interesting to see if Binkley can continue to gain support and emerge as a strong contender in the race for the White House.

See photos from the event at this link.



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