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Greta Van Fleet - Live In Los Angeles!

Photos and Review By Christina Hernandez

Rock band Greta Van Fleet greeted Los Angeles with their Starcatcher Tour at the Kia Forum. They brought along Teddy Swims as their opener on Thursday night, who started the night off with his songs like What More Can I Say, 911, along with a cover of Don’t Stop Believing to get the crowd excited. Teddy encouraged all the fans by insisting that they knew the song, and they did! Also matching his positive energy, Teddy pointed out his Disney-themed button-up top and that he just had to bring the right outfit to Los Angeles, which he did.

Closing the night out, Greta Van Fleet put on a captivating show at the well-known Kia Forum venue. Previously, their Dreams in Gold Tour put on a performance at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The drastic change in venues and ability to fill up the Forum shows their growth and the amazingly loyal fan base the band has. They started off the Los Angeles show with their well-known song, The Falling Sky, and followed with other loved songs that fans went crazy for. These songs included The Indigo Streak, Heat Above, and Lover, Leaver. Throughout the show, you could hear the extremely happy fans who were excited about every single song on the setlist, including their ability to complete a fan project that included phone flashlights and colored pieces of paper to make a sea of colored lights throughout the crowd that was a full rainbow when it was completed. Fans also showed their support for Josh Kiska, lead vocalist of the band, by waving rainbow flags during Light My Love. The unity among the fans was inspiring for the amount of thought and effort that had been put into the simple act of kindness. Not only was this a wonderful gesture, but Josh completed it by throwing flowers into the crowd to show his love for them during The Archer. The band made sure it was a show no one would forget, from the fire shooting from the stage to completely switching to a different stage completely on the opposite of the main stage for an acoustic set. The fans in the seats close to the acoustic stage were not expecting it and were in complete awe. Brothers Josh, Jake, Sam Kiska, and Daniel Wagner put all their effort into elaborate outfit changes and into making the concert last as long as possible with guitar and drum solos. This was a show that fans would always think about any time they hear their music.


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