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Foregone by In Flames - Reviewed

Pioneers of Swedish Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal, In Flames, have returned! Featuring 12 tracks of raw melodies and ferocious brutality, Foregone puts In Flames back on the map. Bjorn Gelotte and Chris Broderick make their guitars felt through the album, whether it be acoustically on The Beginning of All Things or with the face-melting toughness of songs like Meet Your Maker, The Greater Deciever, and In The Dark. The vocals of Anders Friden do not disappoint, either. Having been previously criticized for adopting a softer approach, Friden and Co. have taken that criticism soundly and adapted to the climate with Foregone blowing away expectations. It helps with the heaviness aspect of the record when drummer Tanner Wayne is pounding the bass throughout almost every song. This is the second album that Wayne has made an appearance on, and his presence has been felt by all of the In Flames fans. Also, on his second album with the band, bassist Bryce Paul establishes the low end and rhythm for Foregone. Honorable mentions for some of Clean Capture Magazine’s favorite songs on the

album include two-parter Foregone, which evokes emotion and harsh headbanging, In The Dark, with deep gutturals that draw the listener in, and Bleeding Out, with its catchy chorus. Foregone was released on February 10th through Nuclear Blast Records and should be at the top of everyone’s list of albums to check out. The band has already scheduled a series of festival dates for 2023, including multiple Knotfests, Graspop, Hellfest, and many more. So if they’re in a city near you, be sure to check them and Foregone out in person.

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