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The Business Card of The Future - A Review!

Review By Ryan Renger

dot.card and dot.classic

With a sleek design, an easily operable user interface, and a global demand for reducing paper waste, the dot. business cards are the prime marketing resource for modern professionals. Gone are the days of ordering 200 paper business cards and remembering to keep them on you at all times. Gone are the times of receiving cards from business peers and hoping you don't lose them before entering their information into your contacts. Gone are the times of needless paper waste in this digital age. Equipped with NFC technology that makes sharing your information as easy as a tap or scan, the dot. business cards are the way of the future for the business industry. As a business owner and photographer, everyone asks for my contact information when covering events. Some days, I would forget to bring them or run out from giving away too many. dot. has solved all of these issues for me. With the simple yet appealing design of the dot.card, I can carry one card in my wallet and bring it out whenever needed.

My personal dot. profile

From there, I can have the recipient scan the QR code on the back or tap the card on their phone, which will bring them to my digital profile. Within that digital profile is all of my contact information and an added perk you don't get with traditional business cards, the ability to link to my social sites, which is essential for me as a photographer. Setting up the digital profile is super easy as well! With no subscriptions or paywalls, once you purchase the card, you are emailed a simple link to fill your information in, add your picture, company logo, and choose the background color that matches your personality. In addition to their business card design, dot. also has their dot.classic, which is an adhesive button that can be attached to the back of a phone case, with the same great NFC tap abilities, and their, which is a wearable, watch-type version of the card. For its price as well, at only $20, which is comparable to the price for 200 paper cards, the dot.card is an extremely great value for your buck. Check out the dot. family of products at the link below, and see what works best for you as the business industry moves further into the digital age.

Find dot. at this link.



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