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Spencer Sutherland - Live in Columbus!

Photos and Review by Elizabeth Bruce

Spencer Sutherland is an amazing artist from Pickerington, OH. In what is basically a hometown performance for the rising star, Sutherland put on a great set, including many of his outstanding hits. His career is on a high, coming off an opening gig for Big Time Rush on their summer tour last year, and he just released his debut album, In His Mania. On just the third headlining tour for Sutherland since the start of his career in 2013, he has continued to put on fantastic shows and keeps improving with each tour. On this run, he is joined by fellow bandmates, guitarist Jordan Millisor, drummer Matthiessen Nisch Quan and keys player Micah Bachrach. Spencer begins the set with his hit single Everybody, which caused the energy to erupt from the crowd. Sutherland's set also included songs like Paranoia, Cry, and Sweater. It was also amazing to see the reaction from the crowd when Sutherland broke into an outstanding cover of Elton John's Bennie and The Jets. Every word Spencer sings is screamed right back at him from start to finish through the entire night. I've never seen a crowd so into a performance like this. He truly has a huge fan base behind him that gives him so much love and energy. One of the worst things about being a performer is the risk of losing your voice; Spencer has been experiencing that

firsthand these last few shows, but he powered through and still delivered amazing vocals. There was a multitude of friends and family in the crowd, including his mom and dad, along with his siblings, which most likely contributed to the extraordinary effort he put in. This show proved that Spencer is one of the few artists to fully interact with every crowd member at his shows, whether it's reaching out and holding hands, singing into phones, reading signs, or moving to every part of the stage so everyone can see him or even throwing water on the crowd. Overall, Spencer put on one of the best shows in recent memory to run through Columbus. The "In His Mania" tour began March 19th in San Francisco and will continue through April 27th in Los Angeles; if you haven't checked out Spencer, I don't recommend missing your opportunity to see him live; he truly puts on one of the best performances.

You can see more photos from the show here!

Check out Spencer Sutherland here:



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