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On Top Of The Covers by T-Pain - Reviewed

Review by Kylie Montigney

"Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back into the race." We are diving into T-Pain's new Album, On Top of The Covers, which was just released. T-Pain has been making music since the early 2000s and has been a part of numerous hits like Booty Wurk (One cheek at a time), Up Down (Do this all day), and so many more. Although he has been around for decades, On Top of the Covers is the first album without a reliance on autotune. On the album are Pain's twists to some of the most influential songs in music history, like Stay With Me by Sam Smith, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey, and Sharing the Night Together by Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show. He set the tone for the album with a cover of Sam Cook's song A Change is Gonna Come, as part of the project's introduction, T-Pain said, "This covers album has been years in the making . . . now that I'm independent, I'm able to do whatever . . . and this is something I've felt strongly about for a long time." The album has sent shockwaves through the industry, with people finally starting to realize his true potential. The soulful voice that Pain shared with the world on The Masked Singer is just what music needs right now. The meticulous crafting of the covers pays perfect homage to many artists that Pain looks up to and holds as influences. Here's to hoping that T-Pain will allow his real voice to show through more on future projects! Here's also to hoping that there will be a tour announcement from his camp soon, as it will surely sell out with the renewed hype because of On Top of The Covers.

Make sure to listen to the album and connect with T-Pain on his socials, which are linked below.

Website: T-Pain - Webiste



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