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Morgan Wade - Live in Hollywood!

Photos and Review by Christina Hernandez

Up-and-coming American country singer Morgan Wade continued her No Signs of Slowing Down tour at a sold-out show in West Hollywood, CA. Morgan recently released a collection of variations of her past single, The Night. One of the variations is an acoustic version which showcases her versatility and the ability to appeal to different sets of fans. Wade was also recently nominated for a Country Music Television award for the breakthrough female video of the year category. Growing tremendously throughout the past couple of years, Morgan put on a tremendous show starting with her opener, Meg McRee. Georgia-born artist Meg McRee has joined Wade for her tour throughout the country in numerous states, boosting her stock! Guitarist Anna McLaughlin accompanied Meg to start the show and grow the excitement for the night. Her recently released album, Is It Just Me? was the main reason her setlist was a huge hit with the crowd, with many of her new songs resonating well with each and every person. Throughout her wonderful performance, Meg made sure to be interactive with the crowd and made the best of her stage time. As she was preparing to finish her performance, Meg said she was thankful to be on the tour and wanted to perform the song she attributed to why she was there, Mary Jane & Chardonnay. As the time got closer for Morgan's main performance, the crowd enjoyed their ice-cold Coronas and had a fun time interacting with each other.

Shortly after Meg's performance, Morgan came out and started off with aesthetically pleasing neon lights to bolster her many tattoos. Accompanying Wade to the stage as she started her set with Don't Cry was her tribute to American Rock band Kiss. Wade has been well known for wearing these different rock band t-shirts to her gigs nationwide, which shows even more versatility from the country star. The first half of Wade's set was highlighted by her hits Last Ciggerettte, Alanis, and many more that had the Hollywood crowd jumping off their feet and screaming the lyrics. The hits kept rolling throughout the night, with a 20-song set that expanded the entirety of Wade's discography. Wade's musicianship throughout the night was a great display of her youth and energy. She really knows how to show her fans an amazing time! Unfortunately, the night did have to end, but it ended on a great note with Wilder Days. Wade has come a long way since hiring musicians off Craigslist to help her record music. This show was evidence that there is a huge market for her if she continues to release great music.

Needless to say, the Monday night crowd was astonished and amazed by her breathtaking performance. Morgan will bring this energy to the south with numerous sold-out shows in Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee!

See photos from Wade's set below!

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