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Lewis Capaldi - Live In Cincinnati!

Photos and Review by Elizabeth Bruce

Lewis Capaldi embarked on the Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent tour on March 30th, kicking it off at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee. Capaldi recently brought the raucous tour to Cincinnati on April 17th to celebrate the release of his second studio album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, with many of the fantastic songs on the album infesting the setlist for the night. It is so fitting that such a great album deserves this amazing tour.

Lewis took the stage in Ohio for the first time since 2019 and began with his hit single Forget Me. Capaldi is not your average pop single who jumps around stage; he's a more stationary and emotional artist seeing how he frequently writes sad music about breakups and or family members passing away. Lewis not being full of energy does not affect the crowd whatsoever. They still eat up his killer vocals and keep the vibe alive throughout the set. In between songs, Lewis received numerous shirts that were thrown on stage for him, which he proceeded to put the shirts on. He signed some posters, wrote out some tattoos, and even took BeReals for fans. Aside from his killer vocals, outstanding stage setup, and performance, he's known for his sense of humor, and during the show, he showcased just how funny he is. Not only did the audience get a performance from him, but they also got a comedy show all in one. As the show progressed, he got to his most popular songs like Bruises, Someone You Loved, and Hold Me While You Wait. As I looked around during these songs, I noticed a lot of audience members holding each other, crying their hearts out, but also yelling the words alongside Lewis. I think it's so special to see the way music affects

everyone differently; knowing that everyone in the building is all feeling and reacting in a different way is beautiful. Aside from his outstanding vocals, Lewis also had a killer stage display, from the white setup, to his band on risers, and the LED lights all around. The show ended gracefully, and Lewis did an amazing job bringing Cincinnati to life! The current tour wraps up on May 11th in Houston, TX, before he takes things outside the US, so don't miss your chance to see him!



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