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Corey Smith - Live In Columbus!

Photos and Review By Elizabeth Bruce

What a night! Corey Smith and crew rolled into the A&R Music Bar in Columbus, Ohio, last week for an evening of soulful Country music. Smith, the former teacher from Jefferson, Georgia, is an amazing man, with even more amazing music. What started as a career writing music for others has transformed into a show-stopping solo act. Fresh off of the release of his new single, Daddy's Weed, which has already garnered millions of plays, and in anticipation of another single, Smith is currently on his spring tour. The sultry Country singer came out with his acoustic guitar and put on an emotional performance. From the beginning to the end, this show had an immense amount of energy, with fans that are truly passionate about the music they listen to. Not only are these fans passionate about the music, but they

are compassionate in general, something not often seen at country shows. For a first-time listener of Smith, this was an amazing first impression. Every song was played with purpose, and he held the audience in his grasp through the entire night. This grasp grew even stronger as the crowd erupted when Daddy's Weed was played. Smith continued to slow it down after that and rode a wave of energy through the end of the night, for an overall great show. This show is a continuation of the wonderful music that Smith has been creating and proves that there is a great market for him! Speaking of music, Smith's new song Learning to Drive was released on April 21st, so give it a listen!

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