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Chase Matthew - Live in Des Moines!

Photos and Review by Ryan Renger

It was an amazing night of country music in Des Moines, Iowa. Fresh off the red carpet of the Country Music Television awards, Chase Matthew and company rolled into Wooly's for an hour-and-a-half set of pure fun. Matthew is gaining significant traction in the Country scene, which is evident by the nearly sold-out crowd's immense energy throughout the night. With a set full of songs from his debut album, Born for This, along with a few new ones, Matthew captivated to no end. Before talking about Matthew's amazing set more, the opening act, Hayden Coffman, must also be discussed. Coffman set Wooly's ablaze with a grand stage presence and terrific sound and ensured no one would forget him after that night. With an amazing band behind him, Coffman played hits like Where's The Whiskey, Give a Country Boy a Call, and so many more. It will not be surprising to see Coffman headline his own tour soon as he continues to put out incredible songs and plays breathtaking shows. As Coffman walked off stage, the anticipation was building immensely for Matthew to take the stage. When he finally walked in front of the Des Moines crowd, a deafening amount of screams flooded the venue. Opening with the Raised In The Holler, Matthew jumped around on stage with the audience singing right along with him. The energy grew even more when Matthew brought Coffman back on stage to finish singing the song, which was recorded as a duet between the two.

Matthew transitioned into a sensational cover of Florida Georgia Line's Cruise, which was a huge hit with the crowd. More great songs like Still Got My Truck, where Matthew told the story of how you should not give up what means the most to you just for someone else, and Country Line filled the first half of Matthew's set. While taking a small break to interact with the crowd, Matthew made a shocking announcement to the Des Moines crowd. With the build to his new single, Come Get Your Money, Matthew joked with the crowd that this would be an "album release party," with him telling everyone that his second album Come Get Your Money, would be announced at Midnight. This shock rushed over the crowd, blowing wind in the sails, and had the night finish out strong, with Matthew playing numerous new songs from the album, with some being played only a few times before the night. The Des Moines crowd sure had an amazing night full of new and old songs and a great time with Matthew and Coffman. One thing that makes both guys so great is something they do when they're not on stage. The interaction that both have with fans while off-stage creates memories for people. For Coffman, he stood by his merch table from the end of his set till a half hour after the show, taking pictures and signing autographs the entire time. For Matthew, he hosted a group of little kids backstage after his set, spending almost 15 minutes talking and interacting, making that night something those kids will never forget. If a night of memories like this sounds up your alley, Matthew has a slew of dates through the rest of the year, so don't miss out.

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