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Blue Ridge Rock Fest - Pre-Party!

Photos and Review By Ryan Renger

It has begun! The Blue Ridge Rock Festival, hosted at the Virginia International Raceway, kicked off last night with a camper-only pre-party. Although it was only open to those camping at the festival, the pre-party drew in a huge number of dedicated fans who were able to get their festival experience started early. The festivities started off with a killer trio of bands, Madame Mayhem, Scars Remain, and Braincell before OGs of Nu Metal Motograter took to the stage. The headbanging started early, with the formerly Ivan Moody-fronted band jumping around, causing a stir. It was obvious that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the set with the multiple mosh pits that opened up. On stage next, was another great band that has been around for a while, Tantric. The Grunge band, although initially marred by some technical difficulties, played a short and sweet set that quickly overshadowed the issues.

Burden Of The Sky has become another BRRF mainstay, having played either at the festival or the pre-party for three years straight now, and they keep getting better every year. Vocalist Scottie James was on point for the night, although he too was affected by some mic issues for their first song, he quickly pulled it together and delivered a great set. Nonpoint as always put on a killer set. They stole the night and owned the stage. The atmosphere for their set was killer, with every person in the crowd jumping to the sky. After their set ended, more great bands played the stage with 10 Years and Scott Stapp, the vocalist for the newly reformed Creed, each played rocking sets. The night left the impact that this was going to be an amazing weekend for the biggest Rock festival in the country. With four more days to go and hundreds of thousands of people cycling through the Blue Ridge mountains for a chance to see their favorite bands, this is going to be the greatest Blue Ridge Rock Fest in history.

Check out more photos from the night at the link below!


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