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Ascension by Dying Oath - Reviewed

A brooding and cinematic opening sets the stage for Dying Oath’s newest song Ascension. When you reach a point where you can wait no longer, a vicious tom run opens the pit, with guitarists Josh Hagee and Ryan Endicott’s 2000s metalcore-esque guitar riff pulsing through your ears. Listeners are then introduced to a great interplay by vocalists Mindy Jackson and Nestor Idler. Jackson and Idler defy tradition by presenting a unique case for a female to be the screamer in a band while the male provides the clean vocals. For Dying Oath, especially on Ascension, this uniqueness plays perfectly with the duo switching effortlessly between Jackson’s piercing brutality and Idler’s bright melodies, which help keep listeners invested. Bassist Kristen Sawyers and drummer Hogan Gammons hold down the rhythm section for Dying Oath, and they especially show through on this track, keeping the song moving and beefing up the overall sound. Altogether, Ascension is a great song from a young band hoping to do some damage. Having already played numerous festivals across the country as well as releasing great songs so far, it is clear that big things are coming from Dying Oath. You can check out and interact with them at the links below, as well as listen to Ascension now.

Dying Oath:



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