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Alter Bridge, Mammoth WVH, and Pistols at Dawn - Live in Seattle!

Photos and Review by Evan Morud

Alter Bridge and Mammoth WVH, supported by Pistols at Dawn, rocked the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington, on Thursday night! The energy was fantastic throughout the entire night. Pistols at Dawn kicked off the show with about a half hour of energized hard rock. They connected with fans really well, and played some of their hits, like Gauntlet and Under The Surface, which have been gaining a huge amount of traction in the industry. Following their performance, the tone was set for the night. Everyone in attendence rose to their feet and were ready for more. Mammoth WVH followed with a powerful eight song set, with diverse set of tracks. A mix of up-tempo hard rock, along with some slower, harmonized ballad-rock, created the core of their set. Wolfgang Van Halen, lead of Mammoth WVH and son of rock music legend Eddie Van Halen, provided a strong performance on guitar, keyboard, and vocals, and his fellow band members, Frank Sidoris, Jon Jourdan, Ronnie

Ficarro, and Garrett Whitlock, provided groovy riffs, amplifying bass lines that shook your body and a strong beat foundation from the drums. They had a unique set compared to what one may have expected, as they did not play any songs that were original to Eddie Van Halen - everything was original to them. Accompanying them was colorful and dramatic lighting both on stage and within the crowd that added to their performance. Mammoth WVH helped excite the crowd, as they added more energy for the fans by playing Another Celebration at the End of the World from the forthcoming Mammoth II album. The song debuted publicly the day before the Seattle show, meaning the Paramount Theatre crowd received a unique experience with the first live performance following release. For an ornate venue, hard rock is not what one may expect to hear being performed, but the small, condensed feel worked surprisingly well with the intense music. The venue complimented Mammoth WVH’s performance of a couple harmonizing ballad-rock songs, Distance and Epiphany very well. They were a great tune up for Alter Bridge, and the fans loved their set - many cheers were heard when Mammoth WVH finished.

Following a brief intermission, the lights went dim in anticipation of Alter Bridge. When they began playing, they opened with exactly what they are known for, headbanging hard rock music. The crowd was on their feet and cheering as dramatic lighting illuminated the Paramount Theater. Showcasing a mix of old songs and new on their Pawns & Kings Tour, Alter Bridge rocked Seattle for an hour and a half, giving the crowd no chance to take a seat. For the first chunk of their performance, Alter Bridge focused on the heavier side of their discography, highlighted by Addicted To Pain, This is War, and Burn it Down, before changing their vibe entirely by performing two acoustic pieces, including a beautiful performance of Watch Over You. Following the acoustic interlude, they finished with more heavy rock, including Metalingus, which many know as the theme for WWE Superstar Edge, before heading off stage. After telling all of the Seattle-area fans to stay safe and have a good night, the crowd waited in anticipation for an encore. Alter Bridge came back out on stage after the lights went black and performed for another twenty minutes or so, finishing the concert on a high note with Rise Today, sending the fans home happy. Alter Bridge also had the largest amount of fan interaction during the evening’s show, facilitating a crowd sing-along and directing cheers across the audience. Each group meshed very well for a concert lineup, and they built off of each other to create a memorable rock music experience for both new fans and fans who have followed these groups for years. Seeing them if they come to perform in your area would be worth it! There is only a couple of more dates on the Pawns & Kings tour before ending on April 1st in Highland, California, so move quick!

You can see more photos from the night here!

Alter Bridge

Mammoth WVH

Pistols at Dawn

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